The 6 Best Laundry Detergents – Reviewed, Price Matched And Put To The Test!

    The best laundry detergent, according to our followers – And we tested them all!

    6 best laundry detergents best laundry detergent persil laundry
    who won the showdown?

    We asked our followers to share which laundry detergents they love in a recent Facebook post. The results were overwhelming thousands of comments flew it – you all definitely had opinions, and the advice was super helpful. Now we're sharing the top faves with you.

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    One comment that kept coming up was that the quality of your detergent can greatly impact your clothes over time. One user wrote, “I would rather spend more money on laundry detergent that's better, because I have learned that inexpensive detergents can fade and shrink clothes faster.”

    Gain Laundry Detergent 

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    We asked our followers for their favorite laundry detergent, and overall Gain was the most recommended for the smell. The product has 28,000 reviews on Amazon and is one of the most affordable brands at only $0.15 cents a load when you choose the Subscribe + Save options – clearly affordable and many love the strong scent.

    Amazon’s Subscribe & Save

    Though it is important to note that many of our followers felt that gain is also too overpowering for them scent-wise and opted for Persil. 

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    The importance of laundry detergent is that it needs to clean your clothes without damaging them. Many people recommend Gain because it is affordable and has a strong scent they loved. However, some people find the scent too overpowering or sensitive skin may have a reaction to it.

    We agree, we love the scent of Gain but it makes our family's skin itchy – so we have to pass on using it.

    I tried the Walmart version of Gain as well by Great Value – unfortunately we didn't feel it cleaned as well as Persil. But the scent was pleasant and does break down to only $0.12 cents a load! #greatprice

    Arm & Hammer

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    For a detergent that's free of chemicals but still gets your clothes clean, Arm & Hammer is a great choice. You can buy it at most grocery stores and big box retailers—and you'll find it there in both powder and liquid form. This laundry detergent is gentle on clothing, so you don't have to worry about shrinking or fading like you might with some other brands.

    Additionally, Arm & Hammer has an excellent price point: When you opt for Subscribe + Save it can be as low as $0.07 a load!

    If you’re not a member of Amazon Prime, sign up for Subscribe & Save and get 15% off your order when you subscribe to five items or more for auto-delivery. New customer? Learn how Amazon's Subscribe & Save works—and cancel at any time if it doesn't work out!

    For those with overpowering or sensitive skin, Arm & Hammer is a great choice for a detergent that's free of chemicals but still gets your clothes clean. You can buy it at most grocery stores and big box retailers—and you'll find it there in both powder and liquid form. Additionally, Arm & Hammer has an excellent price point: At just $0.07-0.11 cents per ounce, this is one of the most affordable options among all our followers' favorites!

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    $0.08 a load

    Walmart has a 170 Mega Load Version that is also $0.08 a load! (note that cost per loads and ounces are separate break downs – Walmart states $0.056 cents a fluid ounce, the math is different – we did all our breakdowns based off load calculations!). But, currently at time of post buying on Amazon with Subscribe & Save was cheaper.

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    baby laundry detergent sensitive

    They also have a BABY detergent formula that's free of some of the worrisome ingredients. This comes in around $0.13 cents a load.

    All Free + Clear 

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    All Free + Clear was the clear front runner in our community for those with sensitive skin. It use to be more affordable than it is now. Currently it's coming in at about $0.13 cents a load.

    While this detergent is gentle enough for babies and adults alike, keep in mind that it can leave behind a slight residue on some clothes. Reader's Digest recommends using it with cold water to avoid this issue — which we'd advise you do if you're looking to get your whites as white as possible! 

    We have used All Free + Clear for years in the past – it was a great brand for us when we needed a cost effective detergent that wouldn't trigger our daughters eczema! It got the job done.

    Arm + Hammer also has a cheaper sensitive skin version that's $0.08 a load.

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    Dirty Lab – A New Detergent 

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    Dirty Lab is a New Detergent that is an eco-friendly product that has no dyes or perfumes added to it. It also contains enzymes that break down stains, making this detergent very effective for cleaning clothes. Of course you pay these products at a premium. You can save utilizing Subscribe & Save and then it breaks down to about $0.40 a load! The powder option is a little less at $0.30 cents a load.

    If you’re not a member of Amazon Prime, sign up for Subscribe & Save and get 15% off your order when you subscribe to five items or more for auto-delivery. New customer? Learn how Amazon's Subscribe & Save works—and cancel at any time if it doesn't work out!

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    This product will not leave any residue on your clothes or make them smell bad after washing them with this detergent; instead, it leaves them smelling fresh and clean! We love this as a more natural detergent option.

    Tide – A Brand Most Are Loyal To – But Why ?

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    Tide is a great detergent choice. Tide is a good choice for families especially with kids in sports. Many of our followers said that Tide Sports helped keep the “funk” down on uniformsRegular Tide on Amazon with Subscribe & Save is about $0.20 a load which is the same price we found at Walmart and Target.

    Tide Sport you pay more for premium for averaging about $0.43 cents a load (when you choose Subscribe & Save).

    Amazon’s Subscribe & Save

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    Tide is also a good choice for people who do a lot of laundry, especially work clothes. A few followers noted that it can cause rashes or allergic reactions – so they would use the free and clear version instead! 

    To save a little more on the Tide brand, their Simply Fresh Line averages about $0.11 a load.

    Powder detergents are great for fulfilling heavy-duty cleaning needs, like when you have a big load of laundry from camping or your child's soccer team. Many people think that because powder is cheaper, it doesn't work as well – but that isn't true! Powder detergent can actually be more effective than liquid in some cases, and it's definitely better at getting tough stains out. Plus, it dissolves more easily in cold water, so it's perfect for people who want to save energy by washing their clothes in cold water. 

    I prefer powdered Tide over the liquid – but I feel it can be too harsh for some of my more delicate clothing. I do keep the powdered on hand for DEEP cleaning around the house (just use powder tide + hot hot hot water) and useful to strip towels and sheets of dirt. But for an everyday laundry detergent it's a bit too much for our family.

    Right now Tide Powder is averaging about $0.17 / load. and it's actually more expensive at Walmart per load.

    [ Tip + Hack ] Dryer Balls To Make Clothes Last Longer

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    If you want to do something extra for your laundry that won’t add a huge cost, another great hack is to use dryer balls. Our follower Telicia B. gave us this tip: “I use a dryer ball and put my favorite essential oil scent on it when placing clothes in dryer. I Get asked all the time what I use!” .

    Right now there’s a 6 pack of of wool dryer balls on Subscribe & Save for as low as $7.59 on Amazon (that's only $1.25 per ball!). I have used this same exact set for over 3 years – and they're still going strong!

    Check out this best selling essential oil pack on sale.

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    And if you're interested in trying out some other scents, check out our favorite natural dryer sheets CLICK HERE.

    Many of you swear by Persil

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    The most popular laundry detergent among our followers was Persil, and now I know why: it's great laundry detergent. It comes in around $0.16 – $0.17 a load with Subscribe & Save. Which is a great price in comparing across other stores.

    Yes – we are crazy intense in price comparing WE DO THE MATH SO YOU DON'T HAVE TO! – we made a chart comparing all the same brands / loads / fluid ounces and Amazon had the best price overall. Target came in 2nd for best overall price if you utilized a gift-card + sale deal (but that's a huge hassle at times).

    my price comparison chart

    Persil is a popular detergent that many people swear-by. I was so intrigued by the claims made about it, I had to try it for myself! After using Persil, my laundry looked better than ever before—the stains came out and whites were brighter than after bleaching!

    Persil is a great brand, and they have become one of our most popular family detergent brands over the last few years with our followers . Their products because they are effective in getting out tough stains, gentle on your clothes and laundry machines, and don't leave any residue (which can be hard to find in some other brands). These qualities make them ideal for laundries that want to get the most out of their wash!

    Many of our followers have switched to this brand as well—and they're loving it! Among those who've made the switch:

    • Celissa R., who said “I changed to persil and I love it! It gets stains out, my clothes smell clean and fresh all the time and I don't have to use any other extra detergents/ freshener/softener so I highly recommend using Persil.” I have to say, I agree! 

    What Laundry Detergent Won Out?

    Overall, our survey results confirmed that the most important aspect of a good laundry detergent is how effectively it cleans clothes. We also found that some brand loyalty did exist for certain brands, with Tide, and Gain being some of the most frequently purchased detergents. Even so, followers said they were more likely to purchase a new brand if it was cheaper or offered better cleaning results. And finally we found that a majority of people surveyed used natural products at least occasionally because they wanted something safe for both themselves and the environment. 

    Ultimately, Persil was the winner for us. We'll be using this brand for years to come—even with its price being slightly higher than other brand'. The fact that it made our clothes cleaner and that will make them last longer, it's worth the price in our eyes! But you be the judge! 

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