10 Saucy Steamy Bras That Scream Sex – Bridgerton Inspired Lingerie

Bridgerton has made long line bras a thing…again — so pop open that wine, slip into your new underwear, and get comfortable 

You know you want some Bridgerton inspired lingerie… if you’ve already watched the show, you may have noticed that there are a LOT of longline bras shown off as part of the Bridgerton ladies’ everyday fashion. If these bras look like something your grandma might have worn back in the day, well…yeah, they kinda are! But that doesn’t mean they aren’t sexy or will make your breasts look perky AF. After all, their job is to keep everything smooth and in place so it doesn’t show through dresses and sweaters.

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But if you don’t feel comfortable wearing a longline bra out on date night (or any time IRL) that doesn’t mean you can't enjoy rocking one at home. Pop open some wine and get comfortable in your new undies because we're about to explain why having lingerie is important for all women — whether you wear them out or not.

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There are now some saucy options to choose from, thanks to the newly launched ‘Bridgerton Inspired Lingerie' we found.

If you need a reminder, the Netflix series follows Daphne Bridgerton (Phoebe Dynevor), who enters the high society realm of Regency London to find a husband. In order for this to happen, she must snag the eye of the eligible bachelors in town, which proves far harder than she anticipated as most of her suitors are more interested in her older brother Anthony's (Jonathan Bailey) approval than they are in wooing Daphne. If you haven't seen it yet, it's truly addicting and a must-watch if you're into historical dramas.

So what does this all have to do with Bridgerton inspired lingerie? Well, aside from the fact that we've been drooling over each character's costume—it seems there has been no shortage of elaborate corsets and negligees these past couple months—we noticed that each woman wears similar undergarments throughout the series. That being said, when digging a little deeper into these looks we found some pretty interesting facts about historical-inspired lingerie. With that being said, scroll on down to see what we learned from ‘Bridgerton'!

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And as far as aesthetics go, these Bridgerton inspired lingerie pieces offer both empowerment and sex appeal.

The lines of the longline bra set is bold yet delicate, an emblem of sophistication and strength. Whether you're wearing it solo at home or out on a date night in your favorite little black dress, this look is sure to make you feel both powerful and gorgeous.

Looking for something even more alluring? Lace isn't just for Valentine's Day: all year round, lace lingerie can add a touch of femininity to your look. This collection offers plenty of options in white lace and blue floral prints, as well as beautiful pieces in red with ribbon accents. With its exquisite detailing and figure-flattering fit, every woman deserves to feel confident when she looks this good!

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Embroidered bows add a girlish touch that'll have you feeling like a Bridgerton babe without even trying.

white corset on bed, Bridgerton inspired lingerie
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Embrace your inner Slave 4 U Channeling Lady Whistledown

You are the most scandalous lady in town and you know it.

Want to go out and make a statement with your outfit? Wear the “Lady of questionable morals” linger we've picked out. It screams, “I'm not afraid to be me!” pair it with a sexy mask so no one will recognize you on the way home (or when you're running away from your husband into the bedroom).

Even if your style is more sultry than scandalous, we've got something for you: the daringly-chemise. Show off that figure while also looking like a mysterious temptress who can get any man she wants—because, let's face it, you can.

We hope you enjoy these Bridgerton inspired lingerie styles.

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