Perfect Slippers For Him or Her, This Winter Just $12

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Stay Cozy This Winter

Perfect Slippers For Him, Or Her This Winter

Help us with this debate! Do you call them slippers or house shoes?

I call them slippers, but my husband calls them house shoes.

I’m over the moon about these BEARD SEASON ones I found for you guys – they're hilarious and perfect!

They're extremely well made, and at $12 for the women's pair and $15 for the men's version—are an incredible value.

The inside is like a memory foam mattress (soft and squishy!)

Memory foam is soft, supple and conforms to your feet. The inside of the slippers is like a memory foam mattress – so soft. These will provide comfort but also support for each individual's foot which will reduce pain and fatigue caused by standing on hard surfaces all day long.

Mama Bear Slippers For Christmas
If You&Rsquo;Ve Been Searching High And Low For Slippers, Look No Further. These Are The Perfect Slippers For Him Or Her, And They Are Currently $12-$15.

So cozy and they even have a fur trim if you’re into that.

So cozy and they even have sherpa, if you're into that.

You can get them in all different colors, from black to brown to red. They're super soft, comfortable and warm—the kind of slippers you'll be tempted to wear around the house all day long. Plus they look pretty stylish with their thick bottom and tread (in case you need something with a little more substance). And if that wasn't enough: These slippers are affordable too!

Here’s the info to order and get some for yourself!

If you want to get a pair for yourself, shop these images!

And if you're looking for something fancier check out this UGGs , these slippers are a great option, too.

Our Thoughts…

I hope you give these slippers a try and tell me what you think! If so, let us know how they were for you!

House Shoes For Her Or Him
Perfect Slippers For Him Or Her, This Winter Just $12

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Perfect Slippers For Him Or Her, This Winter Just $12
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Perfect Slippers For Him Or Her, This Winter Just $12
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