Our Backyard Design, Fire Pit + Patio Furniture

Many of you have asked about our fire-pit on our viral tiktok video. We bought a kit and built it ourselves!


Help! Any suggestions ?

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Our VIRAL tiktok video 1.1 MILLION VIEWS! Here's the info about our backyard, fire pit and patio furniture.

This is the kit, you can pick different stone colors. We did ours without a cooking grate because we wanted a large warm flame.

We also added in another layer of stone because we wanted it taller and we are all taller in our family.

We also opted to put stone caps around it for a finished look. Our color stone is bluestone.

Our Base Firepit

The glass we used inside our fire pit

We used a mix of different types of glass for a textured layered feel.

Fire Pit Kit

We bought a higher caliber burner, installed the gas line ourselves and the burner to our natural gas line – with the help of our local city inspector and had it all approved.

More about our Backyard

Find our patio furniture here

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