Mom Approved Back to School Gear 11 Must Haves

Mom Approved Back To School Gear 11 Must Haves Amazing Stealz With Randi
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It’s hard to believe, but it’s already time to start thinking about back-to-school shopping! Back in the day, going back to school meant buying pads of paper and pencil boxes—not fancy water bottles that won't leak! 

We were feeling a little rusty in the back to school gear shopping department, so we went to our Instagram and Facebook followers—the smartest group of moms around.

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Below is a complete list of the best back to school gear- made by real moms from all over the Internet! My life motto is to work smarter, not harder—and who knows back-to-school gear better than other parents?

Instead of buying a million water bottles to find out which one’s the best, how about getting advice from other moms? Let's save each other some time and money by sharing our experiences.

Mom approved Back to school gear: Backpacks

BentGO has long been one of my favorite brands and now they have BACKPACKS with lunch coolers built in – WHAT?!, and it turns out so many other moms feel the same way. They offer adorable characters kids love without the cheese factor that drives parents crazy—they also wash incredibly well. And while they are a splurge, BentGO products hold up really well!

Prices are adjusted frequently, so check back often to see if there is a lower price.

Backpacks with Bento Boxes Built In – Insulated Lunch Bag!

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Affordable Backpacks Only $9.99

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Backpacks for PreK, Kindergarten and Preschool

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Backpacks for High Schoolers

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Mom approved back to school gear: Lunchboxes

BentoGO Lunchboxes were the clear crowd favorite for lunch boxes due to their easy-to clean nature. It's a good thing, because you know that sooner or later, your yogurt pouch will burst in one of these containers! Ugh #momlife 

Best Selling Bento BentoGO Boxes for Lunches

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Unicorn Ice Packs for Lunch – Duh! Who wouldn't want these ?

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Back to school gear: Lunch accessories

After seeing so many of you talk about how much you love these Bentgo lunch containers on Prime Day, I decided to give them a try. Now that mine have arrived and been put through their paces, it's safe for me to say: I'm happy with my decision! Hooray for fewer plastic bags in the world!

Adult Bento Box Version, We need some fun too!

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These bag sealers are so handy!

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Back to School Gear : Water bottles

I'm glad you're all so passionate about water bottles. I can relate to the problem of a leaking one—I've dealt with it myself!

Metal water bottles

I also have a lot of thoughts about water bottles. So many of you mentioned ThermoFlask water bottles, and both my kids have these as well: all the double walled, stainless steel goodness at a fraction of the price!

I stock up on these containers at Costco every year. Pro: The lids don't get funky (if you know what I mean), and there aren't a million pieces. Con: They're small so we have to refill them often. 

There were also mentions of Simple Modern water bottles, which are stainless steel flasks like ThermoFlasks but come in a variety of sizes.

My sister Kelly, likes to use Klean Kanteen bottles for her kids. They come in different colors and are lightweight, so they’re easy for small hands to carry around.

Hydroflasks, Yetis and Takeya bottles have all been mentioned by different commenters. These are kind of like the Apple vs. Android debate—everyone has strong feelings about their water bottle but at least they keep your drinks cold and are a great place for your favorite stickers.

These water bottles on Amazon have over 100,000 reviews!

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Also the very popular hydro flask

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Other water bottles

Camelback water bottles have been a staple in our family for years. They are perfect size, lightweight and don't have sharp edges – I mean if you're a boy mom – you get it (something we at times consider). However, they do come apart easily making them harder to clean than other types of containers. Also—and I may be nitpicking here—-they aren't insulated so beverages will get warm if left out too long.

In addition, if your kids tend to chew on their water bottles' valves, you can purchase replacement bite valves for these!

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Back to School Gear : Masks +

Kelly and I both have had the best luck with these masks. The style, with adjustable ear loops has been the best fit for us. In colder months, though, I found that disposable kid-sized masks were a huge help in keeping runny noses at bay—they're just so much easier than having to pack extra supplies

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Grab some supplies too

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Mom Approved Back To School Gear 11 Must Haves Amazing Stealz With Randi
Mom Approved Back To School Gear
Mom Approved Back To School Gear 11 Must Haves Amazing Stealz With Randi
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