Top 20 Lake Day Snacks for Your Next Trip

Easy Lake Day Snacks That'll Make The Kids (and Adults) Happy

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On the Payette Lake in McCall, Idaho

If you're going to be spending time in the sun, it's important to have some snacks on hand for your kids. If you're heading out with a group of friends, bringing along something like trail mix is an easy way to keep everyone happy. It's also nice if you have something more substantial like fruit or nuts for those who want it!

  • adult-friendly options

If there are going to be adults at the lake day party, you'll want some snacks that are more geared towards adult tastes. A nice cheese board or cheese platter is always a great option—you can pick up one at your local grocery store or even make your own! For beverages, try selecting something cold and refreshing like lemonade or iced tea (and maybe even mix in some vodka)! You could even go with something bubbly like sparkling wine if you really want to class things up with an elegant touch!

  • keeping things organized

It's important not only what kind of snacks you bring but also how you organize them so that they stay fresh throughout the trip without getting messy – this means making sure everything stays cool and clean all while keeping things neat and tidy.

What’s the best way to spend a day at the lake? Eating food and spending time with family, of course! That's why we've assembled this list of snack ideas for your next trip to the water. This list will keep you well fed and ready for whatever adventures come your way. It's got everything from healthy snacks to fun treats that kids will love.

TIP: Prep your snacks beforehand.

  • Make sure to pack your snacks before you leave for the lake. If you wait until after the sun has gone down and everyone is starving, it's likely that the only food options will be either unhealthy or expensive. So avoid those situations by making a list of snacks that you like and what they are good for, as well as how easy they are to eat and clean up after (or if they're messy). Also include any items that require refrigeration in your cooler or yeti bag—otherwise, your ice will melt long before anyone has had enough time to enjoy their sandwich or cool snacks.

Lake Day Keto Snack Ideas

Because my family is trying to eat low-carb, sugar-free foods, I had to come up with some keto friendly snack ideas.

Moana references, because we're a Disney obsessed family…. “BOAT SNACKKKKKKS”

So, I had to find food that would work for everyone. The Walmart+ grocery pickup service was awesome and made it a snap!

I wanted to make BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwiches, so I bought this pre-made mix. The kids LOVED it—which was surprising because we'd never tried it before! It had less sugar than most of the other premade options out there.

I put it on pretzel buns for my kids, but I just ate it straight from the bag because these days, carbs don't make me feel good.

Lake Day, Boat Snacks, Grocery Pickup, Family Day, Walmart Grocery
Top 20 Lake Day Snacks For Your Next Trip

Healthy Lake Day Snacks:

We brought a ton of fruits (apples, watermelon, strawberries) and fruit dip to encourage healthy snacking, along side a veggie tray and meat and cheese platter. I just dumped all my groceries in the cooler – NO PREP just ORDERED and went! So simple!

I like to bring sugar-free drink options as well to keep hydrated, Of course water is our #1 choice but to encourage more fluids we brought Sugar Free Juice, and Zero Sugar Soda and our favorite Milo's Zero Sugar Tea.

Our kids ate up these healthy sweet potato chips too. They only have like 5 ingredients! I had to steal the bag back so that I got a few.

Another hit was the plant-based brownie batter dip snacks. Kids didn't know it wasn't full of sugar and crap (MOM WIN!)

Snack on protein to keep you full longer.

Protein is a great source of energy, and it also helps you feel full longer. That's why they call it the “building block” of muscles. A protein snack can help you make it through the afternoon without feeling hungry—and if you're following a diet plan, protein snacks are an important part of making sure that your body gets the nutrients it needs to grow muscle mass and repair damage from everyday activities. Try some nuts or dried fruit with cottage cheese rolled in flaxseed or whole grain crackers topped with cheese or peanut butter—or even try these tasty bites:

Avoid crumbly and messy foods.

As with any meal, you should avoid crumbly foods with little toddlers. The last thing you want is to be out on the lake and have an avalanche of Cheerios spill into the boat as your kid eats – thats just more work for mom to clean up. Also, avoid foods that are hard to eat while driving or will make a mess.

The perfect snack for the car is something that’s easy to eat, won’t spill and won’t make a mess. Here are some great options:

Bring things that are easy-to-eat but still provide fullness like granola bars, trail mix, and string cheese.

  • Bring things that are easy-to-eat but still provide fullness like granola bars, trail mix, and string cheese. Granola bars are a great option to bring because they're light and don't weigh you down as much as a sandwich would. You can also wrap them in tinfoil or put them in a baggie so that you don't have to worry about them getting too dirty or hardening up when it rains.
  • Trail mix is another good option because it contains nuts and dried fruit which will give you some energy when you need it most! If you want something sweeter than just nuts then try out these trail mix bars
  • Tortilla chips with salsa is also a classic choice that will never disappoint anyone! This snack can be eaten on its own or paired with guacamole which makes it even better (and more filling). Everyone loves chips so don't forget to bring some along with the salsa if there's no room left in your cooler!
  • Dried fruit and nuts is another great combination since both have lots of protein which helps keep us going throughout our day at the lake even after eating something else first off like those delicious tortilla chips we mentioned earlier 🙂
Lake Day, Boat Snacks, Grocery Pickup, Family Day
Lake Day, Boat Snacks, Grocery Pickup, Family Day

Keep food cool with a cooler and ice.

In the heat of summer, nothing can ruin a day at the lake faster than hot food.

To keep your snacks from getting soggy in the sun and ensure that they stay cool for as long as possible, make sure you pack them in an insulated container. A small cooler bag or a large cooler will do just fine. The key is to keep things tight so air doesn't have an easy time getting inside and warming up your food. You can also use ice packs to help keep things cold, but be aware that they won't last forever—so if you want to get full use out of them, make sure not to pack them directly next to anything that could melt or leak on them!

Use waterproof containers for things like condiments or sauces.

First off, don't let your condiments get wet. A waterproof container will keep your ketchup and mustard fresh for the duration of your trip. The best containers are easy to transport, open and close easily, can be cleaned quickly (for example: with a sponge or rag), and can store leftovers in one spot.

Bring along a trash bag and some wet wipes to clean up spills (or unexpected waves).

Bring along a trash bag and some wet wipes. You'll be surprised how quickly the snacks pile up, which is why it's important to have a good system in place for cleaning up after them. Pack the trash bag with all the wrappers and cups that you'll need to carry out when you're finished. Don't forget the wet wipes! They should be used throughout your trip: whenever someone spills their ice cream or soda, use one of these babies to wipe it up immediately (this will keep sand from sticking to any areas).

Avoid glass containers at all costs.

You've planned out your lake day trip, you've packed all the necessities, and now it's time to celebrate with some snacks. But wait—before you open that bag of chips or crackers, keep in mind the following:

  • Avoid glass containers at all costs. You may think they look pretty and feel like a fancy touch on your picnic blanket, but glass bottles are dangerous on boats. If one breaks, it could cut you or one of your fellow passengers.

Lake Day Outfit Idea

I put on a pair of denim shorts, then changed into another shirt that I had customized. In addition to my favorite Michael Kors sunglasses (they last forever!), I also wore some rose gold sandals with my peace-out lake day bag.

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Top 20 Lake Day Snacks For Your Next Trip

Family Friend Boat, The Pontoon

We had a great family day on the lake on our pontoon. We love the water, do you ?We prefer the pontoon because it's family-friendly. For example, there is more space for children and pets to lounge in the shade under its canopy than you'd find on a speedboat.

Also, our bulldog isn't the best swimmer but we keep her safe on the lake and boat with this life-vest.

Lake Day, Boat Snacks, Grocery Pickup, Family Day, English Bulldog, Dog
Top 20 Lake Day Snacks For Your Next Trip

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Thanks for joining us on our boat for lake day! For those asking the Lake is in McCall, Idaho.

Now that you have a list of healthy lake day snacks you can breeze through any water adventure!

Now that you have a list of healthy lake day snacks you can breeze through any water adventure! Don't forget the sunscreen, water, snacks and music. Don't forget your sunglasses and life jackets too. You never know what might happen on your next trip to the lake.

We hope that this list of 20 easy-to-eat snacks has given you some inspiration for your next lake day. Remember, even though it can be tempting to bring junk food, it’s important to eat healthy foods so that you stay energized and hydrated all day long! If you follow these tips and tricks for preparing ahead of time (and packing the right snacks), then there’s no reason why your next trip should be anything but great fun.