How I’ve lost 160 lbs in 12 months: My Personal Weight Loss Story

My Personal Weight Loss Story: Update 1 year out I hit 160 lbs lost!

First and foremost, I never planned to talk about this personal journey but I have had so many people reach out to ask me about it and share their own struggles.

I am going to preface this by saying I have struggled with my weight MY WHOLE LIFE. I have PCOS. I won't go into detail about that but simply put …

Almost 1 out of 10 women has PCOS.

It stands for Polycystic ovary syndrome and it is a hormone imbalance that can cause issue with cycles, fertility, weight, etc

So I have yes – TRIED every diet and exercise under the sun. I would lose weight and gain it back, over and over. No amount of exercise or food changes helped me long term.

I’ve gone vegan (yes, VEGANNNN), I’ve done strict Keto and so forth.

NOTE: This is my own personal journey, I am not a doctor and this is not advice. Talk to your own physician and counsel.

That being said, I went back and forth with this decision to use a weight loss tool and YES I am calling it a TOOL. Because, if you've been through this journey you know this is NOT an EASY way out – it is physically, emotionally and mentally challenging. You still have to to make HUGE lifestyle changes.

I had VSG or more commonly know as gastric sleeve surgery.

There are other types of surgery, medications and programs but this is the type my physician and I decided was best for me – so please talk to your own. Many things play into why you would choose one over the other.

Essentially they remove part of your stomach making it smaller and reseting the hormones in your stomach.

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Why did I decide to have VSG?

Well my mother died at age 55 of Rheumatoid Arthritis complications from being immune compromised. Then my dad had 2 life threatening heart attacks and I almost lost him. Both my parents were NOT overweight nor had the health issues I have (childhood epilepsy, PCOS, asthma, severe allergies etc). So the odds were stacked against me. I also lost 3 grandparents at a relatively young age as well. I WANTED TO BE AROUND FOR MY CHILDREN!

I did not take this decision lightly, I honestly felt like I was failing choosing this – now I am a therapist so I have many coping skills in my toolbox. But, I AM so happy I went through with this. I have re-gained my LIFE and health back!

Are my results typical ? No. I worked this tool known as VSG for all it was worth!

No. You usually lose a certain % of the weight you need to lose. My doctors estimated I could lose about 83lbs. They thought maybe I could lose more as a possibility but it was up to me. But I STRICTLY stuck to my plan! I was not having surgery just to have surgery – I wanted to WORK this tool.

So I meal planned, I listened to my nutritionist, I food tracked, I weighed my food. I started working out on my peloton, bike riding with my family more and walking more. I made getting nutrients and protein a priority, and taking vitamins. A lot of people have said don’t you have to rely on vitamins for the rest of your life? Yes and no. Before this I was taking 20 vitamins and supplements yes 20… before my surgery (I saw a functional medicine doctor, closely tracking my blood work / food sensitivities etc). Nothing was helping. Now I take 1 multi vitamin, 1 calcium and my blood work has never been better! All my levels are up and my inflammation is down.

As Of December 2021, 9 Months Since Surgery I Am Wearing A Size 2/4/Xs/S.

I have also been taken off my sleep apnea CPAP machine. Hallelujah 🙌🏻

Vitamins, Protein Powders, Drinks, That I Used.

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My top weight was 284 lbs! and I am 5'6″. So technically I have lost 117.8 lbs as of today (10/29/21). But at date of surgery I was 280 lbs and I am now 166 lbs.

Update: I am now 161 lbs as of (11/18/21) so I am down 122.5 lbs.

Current Update 12/2021 I am down 132.5 lbs.

Update I am 127 lbs , down 160! 7/2022

Previously my back hurt so bad. I could hardly lift myself out of the bathtub. My body was sooooo inflamed all the time. All my bras were digging into me and bruising me and I kept getting bigger and bigger sizes. I finally said enough is enough I am taking back my life.

I was wearing a size 3X to Women's 20

and now I am in a size XS/2.


More Snacks that helped me stay focused and to flavor all the water I drink

I wish I’d just done it from the beginning and not been scared of the surgery but life happens the way it is meant to. I honestly tried everything to avoid this. I even went vegan to try to help myself and used every supplement under the sun and nothing worked for me personally. My vitamin levels were so low too. Now all my labs are amazing my vitamins levels are up and my BMI is so much better.

Do I have loose skin?

Yes. Do I care ? No. Because I've gained my health back. I just stick that FUPA in my pants and ROLL OUT.

Will I have a tummy tuck? I do not know, I am waiting to see where I am after 2 years from surgery and I will assess my feelings about it then.

I never thought I’d hit 100 lbs + lost so creeping closer to 120 lbs seems out of this world some days. I’ve been very strict about changing my lifestyle though.

If you'd like to see some of my videos about my transformation you can go here –

Tools; Food Scale, Apple Watch etc. Helped me stay on top of my game plan

How did you get through it?

It was very mentally challenging at first because the first few weeks you’re on liquids and I couldn't to be around my family while they were cooking or eating (again personally). I also realized how much food surrounded me like on the TV, even in books and magazine. So I understand how easy it could be to fail using this tool if you do not have the right support around you.

Our whole life was going out to eat, making plans for dinner with friends. So I had to change my thoughts on what was enjoyable if that makes sense. Like let’s go to an escape room instead of a restaurant.


Yes, your stomach is about the size of an egg at first. So you can’t eat much. I did weigh everything at first so I could learn to gauge what I could eat and tracked everything. Now I don’t. I could only eat maybe .5 oz to 1 oz now sometimes I can eat up to 2-4 oz just depends and how my body is feeling – I LISTEN TO IT! It is different for everyone. Do not compare your journey to someone else’s.

The scale I use to track my weight, BMI, water, bone mass etc.

Personal Side Effects ?

If I eat too much sugar I’ll feel sick, I do not eat more than 15 grams of sugar a day, usually way under. I have between 60-80 grams of protein a day . If I eat too fast I can feel uncomfortable. So I eat slow and chew well! I’ve changed my mindset that food is a fuel not enjoyment. I have worked on healing my relationship with food and not using it as an emotional support system. I also don’t drink alcohol anymore. Some people add that back in but I made a personal decision to not.

How long was I in the hospital?

They let me go home the next day. I just got my booty up and moving and that truly helped me heal faster. I just made sure to walk walk walk. Maybe like 3 days I had some mild pain. I look some pain medication at night to sleep and heal but I was up during the day doing things. I didn’t push myself too hard but I made sure to move and rest.

Pain from surgery ?

The only real pain I had was the gas from them expanding my stomach for the surgery and getting that out after so lots of moving helped! The incisions didn’t bother me at all, personally. If you’ve had a c-section you will understand the gas pain.


I have a partner who supports me in all I do. I also had 2 close friends who had the surgery done previously who I could go to to ask questions for. Make sure you have a good support system around you.

What did I eat ?

I made these meal plans…. these are just guides and not by any means for anyone to follow. Do what works for your body – these are just my examples .

How I've Lost 160 Lbs In 12 Months: My Personal Weight Loss Story

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How I've Lost 160 Lbs In 12 Months: My Personal Weight Loss Story

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