Get a $10 Amazon credit. It’s literally free money.

Get a $10 Amazon credit. It’s literally free money. When you buy $50 in gift cards. 

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Cool deal alert! Amazon has a promotion where you can get a $10 promotional credit when you buy $50 worth of gift cards. All you need to do is use the promo code USGIFTCARD21 at checkout. You can even load the credit and gift card onto your own account by entering your own email address as the recipient.

You guys again, that’s free money. CLICK here to see if you qualify, not all accounts are eligible. 

I unfortunately didn't qualify, I hope you do!

Example, can click image to see if you qualify

How the deal works:

Buy 1 Amazon Gift Card, $50.00 

  • For $10 Amazon credit, use code USGIFTCARD21

Pay $50.00, receive $10 Amazon credit



Save 20% ($10.00)