Boys’ Clothing Haul; $5.50 Character Shirts, Swim Shorts and More

    Need play clothes that are cheap for summer? We've got your covered.

    I found these Minecraft, Fortnite, Pokémon and more shirts on clearance for $5.50 while I was at Walmart Today! ???????????? So, I stocked up on summer clothes, come check out what I found and maybe you'll find something too!

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    Character Shirts $5.50 on Clearance

    Minecraft, Pokemon, Spiderman, Pac-Man; just a few of the awesome ones I saw.

    Click Image to Grab Deal

    Shorts on Rollback $7.98

    Shirts on Sale $4.98

    Click Image to Grab Deal

    Boys’ Quick Dry Swim Trunks on Rollback $6.98

    Great Quality

    Click Image to Grab Deal

    Boxers, Socks and Essentials

    Click Image to Grab Deal

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