3 Places and Times to Buy Cheap Cheap Cheapest School Supplies

The school year is almost here, and one thing that hasn't changed is the need for affordable supplies. When people think of inexpensive materials, Dollar Tree may come to mind first—but it's not always the best option! I mean right now it's the $1.25-Tree, right?! 

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But if you know when it's best to buy supplies at Walmart, Amazon, Staples, Office Depot or Target—you can get them for a better price! That's where we come in to help you…. We do all the research. I compared all the prices of all the stores to find the BEST pricing.

Buy Ticonderoga pencils at Amazon for $0.11 each

For name-brand pencils in bulk, watch for Amazon to price their Ticonderoga #2 pencils as low as $10.63 for 96 pencils with subscribe & save, making them just $0.11 each. You’ll save a ton!  These pencils out perform any other brand we've tried.

TIP: How Subscribe & Save works – is HERE 

Right now these pencils are $0.87 at Staples and $0.25 at Target (both on sale), so this is a STEAL on Amazon !

At Walmart, you can buy Crayola crayons for as low as $0.50 per box.

The best prices for back to school supplies

Walmart’s back-to-school sales typically occur in July, and in 2021 we saw 24-count boxes of Crayola crayons drop to $0.50! They're back on this DROP NOW!

Crayola Classic Crayons, 24-count, on sale for $0.50 each (reg. price is $1.37). #bestprice

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They are Reg. $1.59 at Target.

Look for rulers when they are under $0.50! 

Get ready to save, don't spend more than 50 cents on rules! You can find them now for 48 cents at WALMART, or you can wait till they sometimes hit 25 cents at Staples. 


Save money on Elmer’s glue by buying it at Walmart when it's on sale for $0.50 per bottle.

You can find Elmer’s school glue at Walmart for less than the generic brands when they go on sale. During their annual back-to-school savings bonanza in July we usually see a, 4-ounce bottles of Elmer's weree only $0.50—a great bargain!

If you can't possibly wait it's currently $0.54 at Walmart (Reg $0.97) or it's $0.55 at Target.

12 Pack for $6.27

Need more? A 12 pack of Elmer's glue is 56% off on Amazon currently (making it's $0.52 a piece when you choose Subscribe & Save) That's $6.27 for 12! #bestprice

Price compare

Want Clear glue? Elmer's Clear Glue is 50% off on Amazon = $1.88 (Reg $3.73) this is the same price at Walmart $1.88 #bestprice (at Target it's $1.89).

Crayola colored pencils are on sale for $0.97 per pack—a 12-count box costs just that much!

97 Cents at Walmart

Wait until they're under $1 then STRIKE and GRAB! 

When the price of a 12-pack of colored pencils drops below one dollar, stock up. This is an essential item for your back to school supplies list! Look for deals around July.

Currently $0.97 at Walmart – so now's the TIME (Reg. $1.97) #bestprice

Currently $0.99 at Target (Reg $1.99)

Whenever eraser caps and pencil sharpeners are available for 50 cents or less, pick up a pack.

These are the best priced cap erasers!

Pen+Gear eraser caps and pencil sharpeners are some of the cheapest supplies you can find. You can pick them up for as low as $0.47 each during back-to-school season—but only if you're quick enough! Sales pop up in July and early August every year.

Target sells composition notebooks for as little as $0.50 each.

Never underestimate Target for cheap school supplies! I once saw college-ruled composition notebooks at Target selling for as little as $.50—not bad!

You can get notebooks and other school supplies for 50% to 90% off at Target during its seasonal clearance sales. Check back when we post those!

On Amazon a 12 Pack of Big Erasers is 56% Off 

Paper Mate Pink Pearl Erasers, Large (12 Count), 56% off for $5.96 was $13.97 (Breakdown to $0.50 each)

Paper Mate 3 Pack Erasers is on price drop for $1.44 for 3 (Breakdown $0.48 each) #beststeal

(They're $1.49 at Target and $2.99 at Staples)

If you plan to shop on Amazon Prime Day, do so in July 12-13th for discounts on everything from backpacks and lunchboxes to pens and notebooks. Join our PRIME DAY party where we're sharing all the sales!

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Grab a Bentgo lunch box on sale at Amazon.

The Bento-inspired box make preparing lunch easier for you — and lunchtime is more fun for your kid. Check back for announcements on price drops! 

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