3 Outfit Ideas That Warm You Up: Faire Isle Sweaters

Winter is coming, and we all know there’s no better way to beat the cold than with a good sweater.

It's easy to get overwhelmed by the trends that come out in the fall and winter, but there are some basics you can rely on year after year. One of those is faire isle sweaters, they're a classic design that always looks polished. They're versatile enough for a wide range of occasions and styles, so you'll never have trouble finding a reason to wear one.

The easiest way to style a faire isle sweater

While I love my favorite chunky cable knit (and yes, I do have more than one), sometimes it’s nice to mix things up.So let’s dive into how to style a pink faire isle sweater — there are so many ways to wear it this winter!

The easiest way to style a pink fair isle sweater is with a black leather leggings, or pair it with jeans and cute booties. Add a leather jacket to dress it up or wear for brunch on the weekends.

A more polished look for the office

You can give your office attire a more polished look by wearing a pink fair isle sweater.

  • Pair with black pants and heels for a classic, put-together look.
  • Accessorize with statement jewelry such as a big necklace and/or large earrings to bring attention to the top of your body.
  • Add color to your outfit with an unexpected accessory like a bold scarf or even colorful pumps!

How to dress up a pink faire isle sweater for a party

When you're planning how to dress up a pink fair isle sweater for a holiday party, the key is to pair it with a nice pair of pants, like these faux leggings. The pink fair isle sweater is the focal point of this outfit and what makes it so special! Always remember that comfort should be your number one priority when choosing clothing for events. This sweater is extremely soft and comfortable!

Where to find a pink fair isle sweater

In order to get the best fair isle sweaters, you need to know where you can find them. There are several places that offer high-quality, fashionable sweaters at an affordable price.

The first place that comes to mind is Nordstrom. They have an excellent selection of fair isle sweaters for both men and women. The website even has a section where you can filter by color if you’re looking for a specific shade, like pink!

This Faire Isle Sweater, is s on everyone's radar as one of the best Faire Isle sweaters this season. This version from Vince Camuto is a perfect pink ombré

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How to accessorize with a pink fair isle sweater

In this day and age, you can accessorize with just about anything. But if you want to look like a seasoned pro, consider adding one of these accessories to your outfit:

  • A pair of sunglasses that suit the season can do wonders.
  • A cute beanie to tie it all together.
  • A scarf adds some extra warmth when it's cold outside (which it usually is).

There are easy ways to instantly upgrade your winter outfits.

The truth is, you can easily upgrade your winter outfits with any Fair Isle sweater. Fair Isle patterns are effortlessly stylish and are a huge trend for fall/winter 2019. This Faire Isle Sweater from Vince Camuto is one of the best Faire Isle sweaters this season! It comes in various colors including pink ombré, black, and green ombré.

The pattern was first created by knitters who lived on the Scottish island of Fair Isle during World War II when supplies were scarce. They began using their own handspun yarns to create these beautiful knitted sweaters that quickly became a part of their culture.


If you’re looking to add some polish to your winter outfits, consider a faire isle sweater. The easiest way to style this look is with a pair of jeans and boots. You can also dress it up by pairing it with slacks or dress pants. No matter what kind of outfit you have planned, there will be an easy way for you to accessorize with this classic piece.

The faire isle sweater is your answer to dressing warm and looking cute this winter.

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