13.7 Snowboarding Trip Essentials, You Must Pack Now to Stay Warm

Snowboarding Trip Essentials: What to Pack, A Checklist, Tips and Top Gear

Snowboarding At Bogus Basin By The Fire
Keeping warm by the fire at Bogus Basin Ski Resort

We are new to snowboarding and love hitting the slopes at Bogus Basin in Boise, Idaho. It's a magical wonderland that feels like it couldn't possibly be so close to where we live! The mountain is about an hour outside of downtown Boise—a quick trip up into the mountains as soon as we get off work.

After doing a great deal of research on all the best equipment to help control my anxiety about learning to snowboard, I consider myself an expert in what to pack for the slopes. I spent way too many hours researching all the right equipment and brands.

I've heard a lot about après-ski fashion lately, so I'm sharing my affordable fashion tips with you too, to help you look great no matter what your activity from sitting in the lodge, walking about the resort or if you've just visiting the snow (and now snowboarding) we've got you covered—you'll still look snow ready without breaking the bank.

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Snowboarding Trip Essentials: The Best Gear

Snowboarding Trip, A Checklist, Tips And Top Gear, For Women And Kids
Randi And Colt Take A Break By The Fire To Warm Up Between Snowboarding.

When shopping for snowboarding gear, it can be overwhelming—there are so many options! But I'm here to help: below is a list of my favorite brands that I've personally tried and loved. (I always recommend –quality over quantity!)

I cannot tell you how many little kids were crying and screaming on the mountain, they get cold and tired easily (this is why I invested in the best equipment for my kids, it helps me keep sane and them last longer on the slopes). Be sure to schedule lots of breaks and warm-ups in between!


Obermeyer has become my go-to brand for jackets. They're affordable and offer a variety of styles, color options, and sizing; Obermeyer US 2–4 fits me best—they run true to size (with removable hoods & faux fur trim- some times you don't want or need all that froo-froo fluff).

Snowboarding Pants

Teen Snowboarding Board And Equipment
Ryan Learning To Snowboard (Age 16).

I recently purchased a pair of The North Face snow pants. They're comfortable and warm, but nothing fancy—perfect for when I'm out boarding! Their sleek boot-leg cut allows my pant legs to drape over the tops of my snowboarding boots without getting caught up in them.

I also grabbed the mens version in XS, as I find no difference in the cut. Men's clothing can be cheaper and is usually on sale.

I got my daughter, a snow bibs (shown above in the photo) for boarding because I knew she would be riding harder and longer than I would. Full snow bibs have an advantage of warmth – and when you fall keep snow – OUT OF YOUR PANTS!

Snowboarding Trip Essentials: BOARDS (For a Newbie!)

I talked to a bunch of local pros and local snowboarding shops and some long time boarders and they all suggested that as a beginner we get the Nitro Lectra. At first you want a board that will not go as fast as others and not catch on the snow as much – to prevent falling! I was all about less falling as I learned to snowboard. We were very happy with the lectras and all they offered. They were a great price point too for a starting board (they can get crazy in price!). Even our snowboarding instructor Demi, mentioned how nice our boards were. So my research definitely paid off.

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Snowboarding Gloves

Colt'S 1St Snowboarding Lesson

I prefer ski mittens to gloves. When the temperature drops, my fingers begin feeling numb when I wear regular finger gloves even when highly rated. I have poor circulation in my hands and need quality gloves for snowboarding when the weather is below 30 degrees.

I wear a pair of smart tech gloves when I'm not snowboarding and I'm just around town or at the resort. The gloves let me use my smartphone's touchscreen without taking off the gloves, so I stay cozy and connected no matter where I am.

Snowboarding Trip Essentials: Base Layers and Mid Layers

Randi And Ryan In All Their Layers (Base Layer, Mid Layer And Outer Layer – The 3 Essentials)

Packing for a ski trip means layering your clothes—you never know what kinds of weather you will encounter. Layer up when it's cold, but don't overdo it you also don't want to overheat when you're skiing or snowboarding while exerting energy.

I prefer a base layer by Airblaster. They make ninja suits for everyone—males, females, and even kids. And so many options: regular hoods or wool versions available too! They're perfect for skiers and snowboarders and keep you well layered while still being breathable.

I have learned that there is no cost too great when it comes to staying warm while snowboarding – I detest being chilled to the bone.

Thermal Jane makes affordable base layers that I wear when it's warmer out. They're great for keeping warm on the cheap, and Smartwool is another excellent brand but on the higher end.

Snowboarding Boot Tips, Breaking Them In

What To Pack For Snowboarding, Checklist, Tips And Top Gear
Learn From My Mistakes And Cut Out Costly Equipment When You'Re A First Time Boarder.

If you're new to snowboarding, breaking in your boots is painful. Be sure to get them heat molded after you've worn them a few times out on the slopes, and wear socks that are thin but warm—for maximum mobility

If you are breaking in snowboarding boots—a process that is excruciatingly painful if not done properly— Also, wear thin socks for warmth but ones that do not restrict movement.

My favorite snowboarding socks are by Smartwood. Their line of snowboarding socks are thicker in spots that might otherwise rub against your boots. I can even take my boots off by the fire outside and walk to my locker with warm feet—thanks, Smartwool!

Snowboarding Trip Essentials: Top Accessories

Must Have Snowboarding Accessories
13.7 Snowboarding Trip Essentials, You Must Pack Now To Stay Warm

We can't forget about the added accessories that will keep you warm and safe. These ski accessories are essential to staying comfortable on the mountain but most importantly, protecting yourself from injury!

Snowboarding Helmet

Wearing a helmet is crucial when skiing or snowboarding. The obvious reason being to protect you from potential head injuries, but it also helps keep your noggin warm! Most ski shops rent helmets for the aforementioned reasons — I prefer to have my own because it's higher quality.

Snowboarding helmets are essential to keep you safe. The first time my husband went snowboarding, he hit his head so hard that all I could do was think about how grateful I was for investing in a helmet! I cannot stress this – enough.

Snowboarding Goggles

I recommend wearing snow goggles to protect your eyes from the harsh glare of sunlight reflecting off fresh powder. My SPY googles came with interchangeable lenses for different conditions, which was a real money saver!

Face Mask, Also Know As a Balaclava

Randi In Her Snowboarding Face Mask – A Must For Warmth!

I can't snowboard on the coldest days without this face – hood- mask. I love it; it's comfortable, breathable and warm—and so versatile! It can be worn as a face mask or full hood (or neck gaiter too) for extra warmth anywhere you need it. I need all the warmth I can get, so I usually wear mine as a full hood with mask!

Snowboarding Boots

There are so many different types of boots available, from the most elaborate to more basic ones. Before you buy a pair, try to get fitted in-person at a store and walk around until you're sure they fit well—boots can be very expensive!

Shop around for a shop that will heat-mold your boots and stand by their work. We have a local place that will forever re-heat mold our boots if they're rubbing or need other adjustments. We ended up with NiDecker Boots, they are a huge company that has bought out most other small snowboarding equipment companies and then improved upon the designs.

Snowboarding Trip Essentials: Winter Outfit Ideas

13.7 Snowboarding Trip Essentials, You Must Pack Now To Stay Warm

I love dressing for the winter. I especially like layering different textures and fabrics, so it's easy to pack a few sweaters when you go on vacation—just add some accessories!

Park Everyday Winter Coat

13.7 Snowboarding Trip Essentials, You Must Pack Now To Stay Warm

I loved my J Crew jacket so much that I had to share it with everyone! This has been the best investment for this winter season. I've never been cold wearing it!

Sweater Weather

13.7 Snowboarding Trip Essentials, You Must Pack Now To Stay Warm

I always take several wool sweaters on my trip. I've found them to be the warmest, and I can wear them from day to night—even when dressing up for events or restaurants.

Jeans to Leggings

I typically just wear jeans or my faux leather leggings at night—or when I'm not on the mountain. My sweaters and Bogner jacket keep me warm and toasty.

Snowboarding Trip Essentials: Winter Accessories

I love layering my looks with cozy winter accessories. When the chill sets in, there's nothing like pairing a pretty scarf with a beanie.

Winter Boots

13.7 Snowboarding Trip Essentials, You Must Pack Now To Stay Warm

You can't go to a ski town without the right gear—especially if you want warm, dry feet. Vans keeps my toes cozy all season long or I opt for a nice pair of Sorels.


I live in a cute beanie during the cold months of winter. It has to be stylish and warm, which is why I love my beanie from Carhartt and CC they're both affordable and functional.

Scarves to Gloves

For layering into the evening, cashmere scarves are essential pieces. I love Lands End's affordable options—they have great quality at reasonable prices. For gloves, my favorite is my tech-smart gloves I mentioned above.

We hope you enjoyed our round up of the best Snowboarding Trip Essentials!

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