10 Life Hacks: How To Deal With Inflation, Rising Food Prices and Still Come Out Saving

How to Deal with Inflation + Rising Grocery Costs 

The U.S. inflation rate reached its highest point in 40 years this year, but don’t panic. 

In this guide, we show you how to cut costs on rising food prices and groceries, find the best gas deals, and keep your cool when prices go up.

Rising Food Prices
Food Is On The Rise, How To Combat It!

The recent spike in some rising food prices is making big waves across the country, raising fears of a new economic crisis. 

If you're noticing a sharp uptick in your grocery bill, it's not just you. Food prices have gone up 10% over the last year — with everything from avocados to milk becoming more costly

We calculated how much food prices have risen in recent years, and we’ve compiled a list of the food items that have seen the biggest price spikes. We’ve also collected money-saving tips from experts.

The cost of groceries has risen significantly—but that doesn't mean you have to give up eating healthy meals at home! There are ways to save money on groceries without compromising your diet, we promise! Here are tips for saving money on groceries that won't make you feel like you're missing out:

How to Save on Groceries as Food Prices Rise 

According to the U.S. Consumer Price Index, meat prices have risen 13.7% year over year and milk is up more than 13%.

But don't panic; while saving money on groceries isn't as easy as it used to be, you can still drastically cut your bill. I'm going to give you some tips on how to save without clipping coupons or even schlepping to the store.

What food costs are rising?

Most all food prices have risen; meat prices have risen 13.7% year over year and milk is up more than 13%.

Why is the cost of food rising?

Many factors due to gas, economy, labor shortage, food storages, shipping costs and more.

Are food prices going up in 2022?

They're estimated to go up about 10-20%

Will restaurant and fast food prices be expected to rise?

With base food prices, gas going up, yes fast food at sit down food prices will also rise.

1. Make a budget grocery list — wandering can add up to be expensive 

Impulse buys can really boost your grocery bill. In the days before the pandemic, shoppers spent an average of $156 on impulse items every month.

Before going to the grocery store, you should create a budget grocery list. First, determine your total food budget, and then decide what foods you and your family will eat during the coming week.

Going in with a list, you'll be less likely to splurge than other shoppers: one study showed that 82% of fast and efficient customers avoided those impulse buys.


Place an order online with your favorite grocer
to avoid buying items you don't need.

2. Join grocery store reward programs

Not signing up for a free store loyalty program leaves money on the table.

There are multiple store reward programs to join. Here's our favorite: 

Target Circle

In addition to the usual coupons you'll find here, Target Circle allows you to “clip” digital manufacturer and store coupons that can be stacked with sales and rebate offers. New deals are released daily; however, many come out on Sunday in conjunction with new sale ads.

3. Apps can help you get money back on your grocery purchases.

For example, rebate and cash-back apps like Ibotta, Fetch and Coupons.com — let you get back a portion of what you spend on groceries every time your shop without having to wait for your next paycheck

Sign up for Ibotta HERE

Sign up for FETCH HERE

While each app is a little different, they all have one thing in common: you have to preselect rebate offers before you go shopping. Then, once you’ve made your purchase, you scan your receipts (or link to your store’s loyalty card) and the rebates are automatically applied. You can cash out once you’ve hit a certain threshold.

4. Save cash on heavy and unusual groceries by shopping on Amazon.

One place to shop for foods that are hard to find in a local grocery store is Amazon, where the prices are often much lower than what you'd find at traditional health food stores.

But always compare prices first, and consider the convenience of having Amazon bring heavy items to your door. 

Here are 10 items I buy more often on Amazon than at Costco.

For other tips and strategies on saving money, check out Amazon Grocery and Amazon Subscribe & Save.

5. Go ahead and follow the sales, (yes, store hop!)

Sales come in cycles, and if you pay attention to when certain items go on sale each year then over time it will be easier for you to figure out the best month to buy items. 

To see the best deals, keep tabs on your local stores’ weekly ads online that we share and Sunday newspaper inserts.

I shop at four different stores—Albertsons, WinCo, Costco and Amazon. That way I don’t have to choose between the best prices; when a deal pops up in any one of them, I can take advantage without overspending

6. Buy in bulk, sometimes.

It's cheaper per ounce to purchase big packages of meat, fish, and poultry at warehouse stores (like Costco, BJ’s, or Sam’s Club) rather than smaller quantities from the grocery store.

For example, Costco sells chicken breast for $2.99 per pound whereas our local grocery store sells it at $5.99 per pound—even when the supermarket puts its chicken on sale with a buy one get one free deal its still the same as Costco's average price! 

Save Money on Memberships too:

Sam's Club Membership Deal

Costco Membership Deal

7. Check the unit price per ounce so you don’t pay more than you should.

Although buying in bulk tends to be cheaper, it's important not to forget about unit price when you're making your decision.

To figure out the unit price, you can divide the total cost by how much product you're getting—or just look at the store's label.

8. Save 25 percent on average by NOT being brand loyal.

Store brands and name brands often use the same recipes and ingredients. Some even taste better than the name brand. 

Did you know that there are a lot of store-brand products made by the name-brand manufacturer? For example: Costco Kirkland batteries are the same as Duracell; Kirkland Signature coffee is made by Starbucks; Kroger American cheese is made by Kraft; and Great Value whipped cream is actually Cool Whip.

If you don’t have a coupon for the name brand, buying these generic brands will save you money.

Food staples — such as flour, sugar, cooking oil, and butter — are some of the items that will always taste and work the same regardless of what the label says.

Canned fruit and vegetables. Generic brands are just as good as the name-brand versions. Frozen fruit and vegetables. Store brands can be just as good as the name-brand ones, and they're cheaper too!

9. If you order groceries online, you can save the cost of gas by having them delivered to your home.

To go to the store, many Americans spend between $8 and $12 per month on gas.

Walmart Plus, for example, offers 30 days of free delivery (plus the same prices as in-store), and many other services offer a first month or order at no cost.

After taking advantage of the free delivery periods, you'll find that the monthly fees are normally equivalent to what you'd previously spent on gas.

10. Pay with a Cash Budget 

Remember that budget you made? Pull out the amount in cash and put it in an envelope. Use this money to pay for groceries until its gone, just as planned. With no overspending allowed (you can’t magically create more from thin air), your only option is to consciously consider what you’re buying each time a purchase enters into consideration. = No overspending, and it forces you to mindfully choose the things that are worth spending money on.

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10 Life Hacks: How To Deal With Inflation, Rising Food Prices And Still Come Out Saving
10 Life Hacks: How To Deal With Inflation, Rising Food Prices And Still Come Out Saving